How it started, how it developed, and what we do!

Hi! My name is Andres, and most know me online as @Andyoceans! I am a 27 year-old cinematography lover from Miami, FL. I’ve been in the Pacific Northwest for 3 years and I'm excited to meet you! For the past couple of years I've taken it to heart to create amazing stories about lovers, best friends, and everything alike. I've worked on short documentaries that have been released in Daily Mail, Metro UK, BBC Inside Edition, ViralThread, Nameless.tv, etc! I am also a music video DP/editor. 

Knot Cinema is a project I began a couple of years ago with the intention of creating amazing love stories!

So, what else do you do!?

I'm a photographer by nurture educated at Florida International University by the wonderful Peggy Nolan (color film photography), a HUGE gamer (Xbox Live, add me @andyoceans), I've been playing the guitar for 18 years, and I recently picked up the drums! I love hiking with my dogs Zelda & Leia in the beautiful PNW and taking photos, so follow me on Instagram below to keep up with my adventures!